Our Studio Experiences

Give an amazing gift to a special someone

Nothing feels better than giving someone that perfect gift.

The look on their face as they open it. Their reaction when they find out what it is….

Its priceless and it makes us feel great.

And if you know someone who loves to sing, then the only thing that feels better than giving a Sing it Studio Experience gift voucher, is receiving a Sing It Recording Studio Experience.

We all love to sing

At home, in the car, while we work, while we play.

Singing expresses emotion. It helps us connect with ourselves and others. It makes us feel great.
Singing is fun, fashionable, exciting, cool, its glamorous. Singing in a studio is making beautiful music that touches our soul and the souls of others. It teaches us to remember, it helps us forget. Singing is natural. To sing is to be human.

A singing session in a studio is even more fun.

Not only do you get to be the star, you get to live the dream of your favourite performer.

Singing and recording in a real studio. Blending your voice with music making it even more interesting, lovely and exciting. In a recording studio experience it’s all about you. All the music, equipment, production, all the focus on you. You’re the centre of attention.
Better still you get to hear your own voice. You take your recordings and productions home the very same day to keep for ever. To play back when you wish. To reflect on alone or to share with others. It’s your choice. You’re in control.

Your voice, enhanced

With all the magic and mystery of studio production techniques and expertise.

Your session, your songs, your voice.
An incredible musical gift idea.
Let someone you know live their dream.
Feel amazing as you watch them sing in a professional recording studio. Recording their favourite songs , producing their very own Cd.
See their eyes light up as they hear their voice back having used some of the best recording equipment available enhancing their performance making them sound as professional as their idols.
It truly is priceless.


"Loved every minute,
it was so much fun!!"
Amy Whittaker
"Absolutely fabulous!
Best birthday prezzie. Thanks very much"
Audrey Harvey
"Very, very enjoyable day.
Thank you for making it special"
Bethany Clarke



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